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Sean and Amanda at Twiddly Bits

Twiddlybits Studio is the husband and wife team of Sean and Amanda Forbes. Married in 1995, they spent many years working in small cubes until they were set free. In the habit of creating things for themselves, they're now looking to share the fun with others by creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, props, headwear, and other doodads. Sean refers to them as renaissance geeks, not because they've been known to dress in garb, but because they pursue many different geeky interests. These include Steampunk, LEGO, Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, the SCA, Transformers, and Octopi just to name a few. Any project that catches their imagination will, oh look a squirrel!

An artist in search of the perfect medium, Amanda has experience in jewelry-making, sewing, costuming, sculpting, casting, molding, feather work, beading, millinery, doodling, recycling, upcycling, downcycling, and putting strange things on her head and calling them hats.

More comfortable at a keyboard or in front of a crowd showing off, Sean went from experimental costume model and attention hound to collaborator when Amanda got tired of all the toy guns he kept promising he would paint someday and told him to paint up or shut up.